Friday, December 4, 2009


A world of my own

Everything I think about-
Everywhere that I look around-
I feel and see there’s nothing but me.

To my ego-
The question is am I ineffable?

To His omnipotence-
The question is will the questioning be rude?

Every time I spend in my own thoughts,
Every night when I look inside,
I know and see there’s nothing but me.

But I’m not satisfied living alone.
I want a company.

To my self-
The question is will I be able to share?

To them-
The question is do they also feel the same?

Feelings and contemplations aren’t just enough.
Deed is wanting!!

These thoughts never just leave me.
Tell them that they are not pink.

They don’t listen.
They won’t ever.

All I know is that
This world is of my own.
And I’ll so make it better on my own.

I continue to take risks.
And do crazy things.
I write crazy too.
As I believe in god,
I believe in their conventions.
I believe because I still believe in myself.