Saturday, November 12, 2011


A huge temptation lies on my table.
I touch its silky cover.
I want to have it.
Thinking of calories,
Last chocolate fudge gave me,
I withdraw my hands.
Can not just gift it away.
Could not just throw it away.

I tell myself- 'Last time'.

Imagine a temptation that is alive.

He breathes on me hard,
Zzz I want to turn away.
Nn I am fixed.

And here,
I slip again;
Melting in the warmth unconsciously.
As the torturous thoughts wriggle me,
I wonder what and how?
Is it a drug,
A mere whiff of his distinct fragrance,
Or unsung yet heard song.
He serenades and lulls my conscience to sleep.

Why, then the dream still lasts long?

Wish, I had more time to figure it out,
Or is it just me, resolved not to go with the wind again!

Mirage, is this all!
What I do not understand,
My imagination brings to me.

From a poet to a foreboding witch.
I dig grave of a forbidden emotion,
Make room for some new commotion.
If those two could adjust together,
I should have dug one mine along with the two.

Or might as well have shrug off 'The coat of pessimism'.

The glitch is coat is thick-
Would take more than just two hands.

Hands of destiny,or
Of someone just as strong.