Friday, February 17, 2012

Freedom !!!!

"You are a free bird and so am I"...reiterated he in the end. He, who was carefully picking up the art of conversation from the dialogues of those lovemaking scenes. She sounded the utterance loud and clear. When the hero fled away from her in the scene, as well as, from the sets for good; the director requested the wanna-be -assistant director to fill in. It seemed that he had some speech defect. Out of some fancy respect, she helped the young enthusiast through this phase. None can exactly tell what went between them, thereafter off the stage. While she helped him act, little did she know that he would trick not just the audience through his acting but also her…The story was thought to end on the typo note - “and they lived ...happily ever after. The curtains were pulled down and the money for that show was returned with a sorry letter. She was obliged to put down papers without any notice or promise of future employment. With an Albatross hung around the neck, she has not cared to change. She continues to train defaulters hoping that they would not do a faux paus. Was she or he right who said "Everything is fair in love and war"?