Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Frailty thy name is woman...

She was afraid; yet ready,
He had set the pace so steady.

With gratitude, she befriends him, who cares to know -
Is she the one he could share his life with: moments - mysterious & mellow?
And as sacrosanct that thought be, always,
the intentions sure were pure.
At least, she would like to think so.

Those rounds of encouraging conversation besides the noise of his fan
and her stammer;
 brought her out of her shell, to explore.
It is say just one or two dates and,
 she seems to have a lore….

Secret hope and subtle expressions rose to the power ‘Infinity’,
Was it his music, his warmth, his skill, his philosophy or,
an amalgam of strength, reputation, and commitment to ethical morality -
She felt mothered by and into a serenade.

Intimacy makes a woman vulnerable,
The threshold of togetherness;
 Augments and augmented by an emotional connection
She feels fragile.
And tries best to eschew sounding ultra sensitive.

She is strong in a tryst with subtle fluctuations of unruly heart.
Feels calm in this melting moment of transient wilderness.

Especially, with a man who is vivacious and thoughtful.
He, who was a complete stranger some half a century hours ago,
 And is the one,
who shows chivalry  to women folk in the times so hollow,
who thought of her explicitly three times a day over the last three days.
who is modest and humane besides the affluence of his background
who has the courage to express how he feels about his life
who has the rectitude to show his true self
who is so considerate as to think of his family before himself
who is so sorted as to know how he can make the best of a nest.

Only, she is, a little worried.

She hopes, may his impression on her, as it is, last forever!
She is afraid,
she sometimes unknowingly  fails to empathize his delicate moments.
Given to a habit, naively  analyzes
and puts forward an argument not up to his taste or mood.
If, his style does not match with her
sometimes gauche and sometimes bohemian demeanor;
If she fails to live up to the expectations of the one,
Who has long put up with the high standards set for him
Though not by choice always,
Yet, the rubric endorsed by his meticulous sensible self, so well!
Who is not afraid of failing, when the stakes are so high!
Emotions are cruel, and yet form the essence of the frail human life.

From one subjugation and, unto another,
Under the grace of her numinous Master –
She waits eagerly to enjoy the kindness of the mortal new.

A friend - a guide - or more
She cherishes this emotional bondage from this time forth.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bhagat Singh on Communalism

"Apparently, I have acted like a terrorist.But I am not a terrorist...Let me announce with all the strength at my command that I am not a terrorist and I never was, except perhaps in the beginning of my revolutionary career.And I am convinced that we cannot gain anything through these methods." Bhagat Singh in his last political testament.Bipin Chandra mentions Bhagat Singh as one who was also fully and consciously secular. He often told his comrades that communalism was as big enemy as colonialism and was to be as firmly opposed. In 1926, he had helped establish the Punjab Naujawan Bharat Sabha.Two rules he drafted were: "To have nothing to do with communal bodies or other parties which disseminate communal ideas" and "to create the spirit of egeneraltoleration among the people considering religion as a matter of personal belief of man and to act upon the same fully'.Do you think such men would support a Vidarbha, a Telangana or a far sighted is this vision ?

Separation may have worked for Bangladesh or might work for Baluchistan because they are are fragments of a frail fragment. With such live examples, do we still have to think again? A separate state may be required for the ease of administration. But a separate nation in most of the cases have become a bone of contention or an eye sore for a too sentimental party leading only to an unstable and atavistic world.