Thursday, September 20, 2012


As the temperatures dips,
It gets cold in India
It is September mid,
It has not stopped raining yet.
The winter has arrived.
With love around me,
This weather is blissful.
And without any right on my love -
O God,it is dark!
It is frightening bold.
Wish the serpent feeling of jealousy ;
The wound that my heart suffers;
The pessimism that shrouds* me;
And the better future which dodges* my perception;
The solitude which when affected by decrepitude questions me;
Logic that torments my mind;
Ignorance which instigates insomnia;
Apprehensions which defy my strength
All this with those horrible threatening horoscope readings
Put my self respect and my weird love to test.
Love defines my life
And happiness underlines every act.
Just that my time machine rusted somewhere.
And I am stuck in this love ridden moment of despair*.
Happiness says –
Cheer up girl –
For you, I am always there:)

Vocab Check -
Shrouds - Covers
Dodges -tricks
Despair - sorrow

Monday, September 10, 2012

Known Stranger

People around me talk about professionalism.
People around me talk about optimism.
A few adorably empathize,
A few innocently sympathize.
I love them all.

Yet I love the part of my grieving heart.
It makes me protean* &
My voice is deep & warm.
The expression on my face is genuine.
I carry out my daily tasks with unchanged proficiency.

Yet, the day starts with his memories.
The day ends with his memories.
The nights are spent in his memories.
I have him everywhere around me.
His sane jokes, his cute stammer, his polite arrogance,
His sweet ego, his lovable imperfections, his kindness,
His love & his filmy dialogues,
His gifts & his soul,
I have him so much around me.

Somethings have changed since we have seperated
by a shuffle of events -

Today we are indifferent to each other.
His jokes are full of sarcasm & contempt,
His stammer has anger & his arrogance has hatred,
His ego is destructive; his imperfections are death like,
His inclemency* is inflexible; his love is invisible;
His dialogues have villainy.
And so have I changed for him in many ways.

But his soul still talks to me.
And that is how, it is not that easy.

How long & how far will I escape the whisper?
His soul changes form –
Sometimes it is my laptop,
Sometimes, it is my mirror,
Sometimes, it is I, myself.
He is a known stranger today.
Yet, his soul that lives with me is loved & cared so much.
I have no idea how he deals with my soul around him.

I live happy.
I live happy even as I hate & love this known stranger.

protean* - layered with depth
inclemency* - mercilessness

Monday, September 3, 2012

A few inane* thoughts on Crying : Look who is crying !!

When a child is born –
People eagerly wait for it to cry.
When we think we are hurt, we cry.

Who enjoys it?
Probably, the audience at the birth of a child does.
Probably, an actor crying on the stage –
While enjoying the audience’s response does.
Probably the naughty kid with crocodile tears for a chocolate does.
A vicious person without shame for sympathy favors does.

Who loves crying in a soliloquy* of a private moment?
Nobody does.
It is too much an effort.
It chokes us.

It may embarrass us, if caught by someone accidentally.
When tears pass our cheeks,
They may soil our bed sheet!!!!

Moreover, if we have asthma,
Then we would gasp for so long during and afterwards.
At times, we catch sore throat and cough.
We may have to run for a handkerchief.
We get irritated by running nose.

Imagine brides who think of their make up!

Crying in public means -
Having to deal with lots of loud or silent questions.

We get mentally and physically so tired,
As the diaphragm, the lungs, the chest all exert.
We may sleep instantly cancelling all our other plans.
We wake up with puffy eyes.

Have you ever looked at crying yourself in the mirror?
Bet you said - O god, it is I!
We’d better invest our energies in an acting career instead!!!!

Vocab Check :Inane - silly; soliloquy - self talk

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Redolent * Memories

Foreword : It is just a poem. As an actor, I imagine and compose. And of course recollections do help and a few friends who share their experiences help me enlarge my poetic kaleidoscope* :)


Aaj jab galati se
Mere haath mere gaalo ko chute hai,
Unke mulayam sparsh ko mehsus karte hai-
To fir tumhari yaad aati hai.
Aur tumhari masum mohbbat se mohabbat ho jati hai.

Meri nigahe, mere lachile badan per jab padti hai,
To bus tumhari hi shayari yaad aati hai,
Aur tumhari lalach se bhari un ankhone ko tarasti hu.
Aur us pyar bhare sparsh ko fir se mehsoos mai karti hu,

Jab kabhi zyada khubsurat aaine me nazar aati hu,
To fir tumhari masum mohabbat se mohbbat ho jati hai.

Tumhare na hone ka bhi ek meetha sa ahsaas hai.
Is meethas ke mere jeevan me bharne me
Tumhara hi tumhara haath hai

In yaadon ki khushboo me
Mehsoos hota fir tumhara saath hai.
Tum nahi to kya,
Tumhari di hui khushboo mere saath hai.

Aaj jab vaidhavya viyog* ke geet likhti hu,
To maayoos nahi,
Khush khush se me jeeti hu.
Aur fir tumhari masoom mohabbat se mohabbat ho jati hai.

Bolo,kaun kehta hai,
Ki me akeli hu...
Yeh khusboo tumhari mohabbat ki,
Kab mera peecha chodti hai.

PS: Vocabulary Check -
1) A kaleidoscope is a cylinder with mirrors containing loose, colored objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass.
2) Redolent - Fragrant
3) Vaidhavya Viyog - Widow separated from her husband on his death


Waiting for the train delayed,
In the face paced life –
I think of retreat*.
I go back to the memories,
Of a time –
A time which was carefree,
I would not have to count how many minutes.
I'd only know,
My parents are around,
And everything would be just so joyous.
The wait was worth,
The tea served on the platform was worthy too.
I did not have fear from people around.
I was inquisitive* of life so mysterious & fun.
I go back to my childhood.
And in the thoughts so deep.
When I do not sleep -
I live that time again.
I think of it,
Then soon pretend -
That I am a child again –
All my worries are drained.
As I wait for the train.

Try living your childhood,
When life is most constrained* :)

Vocab Check : 1) Refrain - Repetition (here)
2) Retreat - Return
3) Inquisitive - Curious
4) Constrained - Restricted