Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Silly Old Crush

I feel nervous again,
Like the to be bride with shaking cup of tea,
Like the girl after her first kiss.
Like the speaker who fumbles meeting a Giant orator,
Like an office boy before the big boss.

I the sudden forgetting a little gramor I knew - funny!

My heart dances in joy of discovery;
And the mind suffers from sudden decay.

I know no ego and no shame.
I just know I loved you then.
I adore you now even more and
Still, Still I wait for thee
But you have to know everything comes with an expiry date!

And it's darn funny!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cozy Mornings

Dreamer that I’m :
I think of the things that give me pleasure -
Pleasure of thoughts.

I think of the one who gives me thoughts-
Thoughts which have the luxury of languor*.
Thoughts absorbed in the fragrance -
Fragrance that my hair have,
Fragrance that my skin has,
Some of which, which my warm quilt has -
Some of which was consumed amorously between us.
Sensuous strands of which still lay trapped in the fiber.
Fiber of the silk that arouses the subconscious.
Subconsciousness that becomes sublime.
I live those moments again.
Beautiful already,further catapulted by imagination.

Be-wilderness has the same fragrance-
Fragrance of warmth and consummation.

Closeness that begets intimacy.
Intimacy sans thoughts.
And that’s when I struggle -
Becoming thoughtless.

Fatally thoughtless in the morning for everything else.
I snooze my alarm several times.
I dig deeper in my quilt.
I lie idle, late for my Punch In at the office.
My boss excuses me,for peccadilloes* -
Peccadilloes such are universal-
For he/she also once has been me,
Or who knows, is still like me.

This color which is pink and lovely on my blushing face.
This color that gives me the morning glow.
This color that's better than the one given by fruit face wash.
This color that's softer than the Dove Skin Care Kit.
This color which is much like our kiss.

This color I want not to wash away.
Wash away with tears of separation.
Separation that torments, even at the thought of it.

Amused, confused,I shrug it off -
Thoughtlessness which is so dear.
Thoughtlessness which may be just deceiving.
Everything else that may fill my serene world more -
IF and when love leaves for a shore far away.
Like Tennyson, at some unknown clarion call.

I’m no Alice.
I’m no Cinderella.
I belong to this world.
With love, without love,
I gear, gear up for work.
Even as I long long for the long cosy crazy mornings.

Vocab Check -
languor - Laziness
Peccadilloes - Professional Errors