Friday, December 5, 2014

Where's the stairway ?

Sometimes, it's like walking towards God!
The path is full of light that fades everything else.
I see only me, happy, wearing some nice silky white gown.
I am only happy and it feels like magic.
I am ascending and so is some music.
I am sure I will meet the Super Creator.

I am sure over there, there is white ocean of knowledge.

Too much sensitiveness to the knowledge of my present -
Makes me grow sick.
In a moment the world looks so sick.
I see misery everywhere.
I see grief in every heart.
I see a highly idealist Budhdha filling simple people with hope.

Hope which just allows them to not commit suicide.
But spiritually mortals are already dead inside.
There's no spirit.
There's only a hope.
It's all about probability and we know nothing more.
At least not in my time.
I can know nothing more.

And it takes away the picture of bliss.
Probably that's just some impression of an English song...Stairway to Heaven!
It puts me back to my seat.
I take a heavy breath and attempt patience at the mystery called Life.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Last Name ...

In India, our last names carry the weight of history and connections bestowed to us by blood relations. Some even say that majority of voters do not cast a vote, rather vote for caste. Caste system in India as they say, is so complex that the greatest of socialists ever born like Karl Marx also had problems comprehending it. A few draw parallels globally too. Example, A few people in Germany took pride once in calling themselves Aryans .

Perhaps the same race, gave a king to India, after whom India got its Hindi name Bharat meaning ' the Cherished '. Mind me it was after his first name. Not after his last. Mahabharata, one of the greatest epics of all times to come records that he had nine sons and he chose none of them as his successor but Bhumanyu, an adopted one. For he believed in Public Service and saw none of his sons capable of delivering it. Today Bharat i.e India seem to have relegated a glorious past to oblivion.

Moreover, the same family tree further in the future claims the throne not by merit but by birth and leads to the great fall of the entire lineage in the battle of Kurukshetra. Probably Krishna, Vishnu's avatar conspired it. As the religious scriptures read Krishna's aim was to restore Dharma, duty on Earth. Interestingly, Chanakaya, the Indian Machiavelli found a king in Chandragupta who had a very humble origin. Both Bharat and Chandragupta were one of the greatest rulers ever born anywhere. Today, when you read the morning news and find that Rajasthan Government for promoting inter caste marriage started rewarding the couples monetarily, you read between the lines and see how people both old and young rushed to matrimonial alliance of convenience.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

On turning 30!

O madness!

Have you pampered me or empowered me?
Poor, boy–friendless and away from kin’s affection – Impoverished!
I do not know what’s ahead, yet you –
You intoxicate me, seduce me and entice me totally.
Wish you could tell me – how would it end!

But then this is more exciting and adventurous.
If not now then when!

With half my life past, I look back and see -
Vow!I came this far...

Thanks to science, probably just as much more is left.
Hope not more,

Or I must fight for euthanasia right from now.
For my relatives at least might not get enough insurance benefits.
And in vain, I will be made to wait to embrace the eternal truth.

O for goodness, I must do something really good.
So that my soul thanks my body before it bids goodbye!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What after School ?

Hello JDKPians

How many of you are still at school? Would you like to use the knowledge of what your seniors accomplished with the same background as yours. Many of us became engineers. Some of us studied MBA. Some of us became medical practitioners. Some became teachers. A few chose modelling , designing , astrology and many other options we had not known until we moved out of the school. Some of us run business and some of us have found are calling as part of the care economy. Has anyone of us been in a career academic or professional such as you would like to explore?

I graduated from school in 2003. I had high level of motivation - Thanks to the faculty! However since I belonged to generation Y, I had little internet gyan!!!!

And no senior to guide me for my area of interests unfortunately. It was another thing that I had not really figured which way my life should move after school.

Career counselling was new and puzzling word those days. So most of us were deprived of it for various reasons. However, that it was unfortunate did never occur to the remotest corner of my mind. I followed my instincts. Lol ! From years of struggling on self- discovery mode and trying to get a grip of what suits me the best – I figured that those who get guidance at the right time, may be slightly better placed than those who do not.Ghanti baji !

When I lived in Sonepat – it was seen as an up-coming town. It’s over a decade now. I have little idea has it come up to the next level in education ( at least) or not. Although I do see teenagers dressing up fancy and speed driving fancy vehicles on the streets ha ha. Changing stream was real hard decision for me. The only respectable career (as is seen in developing countries and upcoming towns or middle class families conventionally) was science and commerce. Both of which disenchanted me for reasons I would share in a different blog post. However, there are always people who take the opportunity to take risks. I would not deprive the privilege of counting myself as one he he.

Why then not you take an opportunity and shoot relevant questions? Will you wait for all the alumni to be found by the school and brought to the grand podium of the school at some fancy alumni meet where you flash your dresses more than attentively listen to the long discourse.

More so when it does not allow you to skip and filter!

Through this post, I intend to give u a wake up call as a senior - you goal setting should start at school! Take it seriously or casually. This is up to your convenience. Internet allows you time and space. You can hide whenever you want to and you can surface as often as you want. Use the oppurtunity and shoot your first query. It can be on books, coaching, career or improving your skills. I will directly answer questions related to my profile.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

15 August 2014

India on its 68th IDay seems to have involved us. By us, I mean the common people. It has become inclusive. It has become more democratic. Although the growth has been slow. Yet the graph indicates only an upward movement. People’s participation since the legendary IAC movement has increased only to facilitate further democracy. By democracy, I mean humanity.
There are examples replete. I use the simple ones here-

I as a girl, feel powerful. My mother as a woman feels powerful. We have come a long way from our illiteracy of the use of technology to using smart phones and exchanging videos . It is something that may appear so wasteful at the surface. In a way it is something that uplifts us from our temporary biological moments of hormones. Absence of which earlier resulted into scheming against other women or diving into our own unresponsive zones on account of dullness of mind. And thus, death every other day due to some choked up depression consuming us. And as I write this I laugh out at the madness. Yes, it was a happy moment for me to see my mom whatsapping or Facebooking. I want the child in her to play. For the two brilliant sisters and loving father that I have, my mother feels so empowered. And slowly so independent in so many ways! Well, it’s another fact that she has always been a very progressive lady. Her philosophy is what made me. I used to be anxious about how to channelize her positive energy. And then happened technology! Is not that a level of independence that the country achieved? Yes, certainly it is.

As a student I am empowered, I now use internet to gather information without having to worry how many holes, it would make in someone’s pocket. So much is free up there. As an artist of any sort, I feel I have the freedom to express. I do not have to wait to get rich. I do not have to wait to find a publisher. I do not have to queue up for being recognized. Blogging makes me independent of all those worries.
So many of us dived in the wave of elections. We could share our opinions on social networking sites. We could feel the pulse. The recent elections were such an encouraging development. We did get NOTA too. Delhi Lt. Governor has requested Delhi residents to show their happiness by participating in clean and green Delhi campaigns or by simply decorating balloons and flowers around our area. There are free DTC Buses running to Red Fort today. Democracy in every way is becoming so inclusive this Independence Day.

Although we as India are still in the transition and witness a lot of stasis, yet today is not a moment to brood too much. It’s a moment to celebrate first the many gifts of Independence. Not that I am pointing towards achche din in any way. Not that I would like to reduce the saga to the Bournvita impact of social media alone! The exponential boost in our salaries compared to the period of conservative economy, the freedom to study, travel and work in any part of the world, the freedom to contribute to our nation in any way we like and much more – all this is materializing at a decent pace. We should be proud and optimistic to this day, what do u say…

How many of us know about 51 A ?

Image Courtesy : Internet (free again! If at all, only innocent breach of copyrighted images)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Haves and Have-Nots

Standing outside in the balcony of this three floor apartment at Delhi, I enjoy a few moments of peace. I look at the moon and the sky. I then cannot avoid but look at the street below. It has people. I see people sleeping out in open on the porch of shops, their workplace. Workplace!
I would not like to imagine myself spending more than 10 hours of a slavish existence at one of those that made me feel so glut. I see them on all the nights I am sleepless. I try not to be noticed. Thanks to the height, one can barely recognize my silhouette. I do not want to disturb their privacy. Unfortunately the open street hardly allows them any. Yet, the night tries to come to their rescue but alas, only half successful! Such discoveries and moments fill me with awe for life.
Sometimes, I get a hateful feeling of vegetative growth of this city full of monstrous opportunity. Sometimes, it scares me that I could be there too. There are dogs everywhere. These mischievous stray dogs share the same space. I read story of dog bites in the morning. I guess the dogs in my street just are not the ones. They sleep so quiet next to these people.
Men wake up, pee on a grilled drain around them and then sleep again. I organize my plans of walking bare feet again when a heel broke and the other day, when I wanted to go to a place of worship. A few men return drunk. They meet their friends and crack jokes. Sometimes they just vomit around drains and go back to sleep somewhere I would not know. Just when the stars have clad the night sky enough, sometimes I see dogs making out and sometimes even a man making out with another man. I do not shut my eye anymore in horror. I have studied the debate over the last year. I have not found a solution to the question. However, I do know a few reasons and have now begun to lend some understanding. It’s like now part of this routine city life. I study in my mind, how they are homeless here. I study how they have same needs. But I also see how humble and innocent their sleep is. They sleep for roughly 5 hours and yet they get back to the work with same energy without complaining or perhaps without a choice to. About others, I would not know, but these workers at this street that I know sure have come to the city to make the most of it.
Evening on my way to park, I move past a government school. There I see a garbage corner which I often cross fast holding my breath to avoid the stench coming from the open unclean garbage trolleys. I see this old man keeping his items in one of them. Other days when I go for a run in the morning, I find him sleeping next to it. It fills me with awe. I sometimes hate myself. Other times, I feel inspired.
And I get back to my sabbatical through the day and through the night trying to figure out how can I justify this gap between the haves and the have-nots. This is when I have not either - delineated for myself as to who exactly I consider the haves and the have-nots.

How many of us read the Talisman ?

It's another thing that sound sleep is also a gift!

Images : Courtesy internet