Thursday, August 14, 2014

15 August 2014

India on its 68th IDay seems to have involved us. By us, I mean the common people. It has become inclusive. It has become more democratic. Although the growth has been slow. Yet the graph indicates only an upward movement. People’s participation since the legendary IAC movement has increased only to facilitate further democracy. By democracy, I mean humanity.
There are examples replete. I use the simple ones here-

I as a girl, feel powerful. My mother as a woman feels powerful. We have come a long way from our illiteracy of the use of technology to using smart phones and exchanging videos . It is something that may appear so wasteful at the surface. In a way it is something that uplifts us from our temporary biological moments of hormones. Absence of which earlier resulted into scheming against other women or diving into our own unresponsive zones on account of dullness of mind. And thus, death every other day due to some choked up depression consuming us. And as I write this I laugh out at the madness. Yes, it was a happy moment for me to see my mom whatsapping or Facebooking. I want the child in her to play. For the two brilliant sisters and loving father that I have, my mother feels so empowered. And slowly so independent in so many ways! Well, it’s another fact that she has always been a very progressive lady. Her philosophy is what made me. I used to be anxious about how to channelize her positive energy. And then happened technology! Is not that a level of independence that the country achieved? Yes, certainly it is.

As a student I am empowered, I now use internet to gather information without having to worry how many holes, it would make in someone’s pocket. So much is free up there. As an artist of any sort, I feel I have the freedom to express. I do not have to wait to get rich. I do not have to wait to find a publisher. I do not have to queue up for being recognized. Blogging makes me independent of all those worries.
So many of us dived in the wave of elections. We could share our opinions on social networking sites. We could feel the pulse. The recent elections were such an encouraging development. We did get NOTA too. Delhi Lt. Governor has requested Delhi residents to show their happiness by participating in clean and green Delhi campaigns or by simply decorating balloons and flowers around our area. There are free DTC Buses running to Red Fort today. Democracy in every way is becoming so inclusive this Independence Day.

Although we as India are still in the transition and witness a lot of stasis, yet today is not a moment to brood too much. It’s a moment to celebrate first the many gifts of Independence. Not that I am pointing towards achche din in any way. Not that I would like to reduce the saga to the Bournvita impact of social media alone! The exponential boost in our salaries compared to the period of conservative economy, the freedom to study, travel and work in any part of the world, the freedom to contribute to our nation in any way we like and much more – all this is materializing at a decent pace. We should be proud and optimistic to this day, what do u say…

How many of us know about 51 A ?

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