Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What after School ?

Hello JDKPians

How many of you are still at school? Would you like to use the knowledge of what your seniors accomplished with the same background as yours. Many of us became engineers. Some of us studied MBA. Some of us became medical practitioners. Some became teachers. A few chose modelling , designing , astrology and many other options we had not known until we moved out of the school. Some of us run business and some of us have found are calling as part of the care economy. Has anyone of us been in a career academic or professional such as you would like to explore?

I graduated from school in 2003. I had high level of motivation - Thanks to the faculty! However since I belonged to generation Y, I had little internet gyan!!!!

And no senior to guide me for my area of interests unfortunately. It was another thing that I had not really figured which way my life should move after school.

Career counselling was new and puzzling word those days. So most of us were deprived of it for various reasons. However, that it was unfortunate did never occur to the remotest corner of my mind. I followed my instincts. Lol ! From years of struggling on self- discovery mode and trying to get a grip of what suits me the best – I figured that those who get guidance at the right time, may be slightly better placed than those who do not.Ghanti baji !

When I lived in Sonepat – it was seen as an up-coming town. It’s over a decade now. I have little idea has it come up to the next level in education ( at least) or not. Although I do see teenagers dressing up fancy and speed driving fancy vehicles on the streets ha ha. Changing stream was real hard decision for me. The only respectable career (as is seen in developing countries and upcoming towns or middle class families conventionally) was science and commerce. Both of which disenchanted me for reasons I would share in a different blog post. However, there are always people who take the opportunity to take risks. I would not deprive the privilege of counting myself as one he he.

Why then not you take an opportunity and shoot relevant questions? Will you wait for all the alumni to be found by the school and brought to the grand podium of the school at some fancy alumni meet where you flash your dresses more than attentively listen to the long discourse.

More so when it does not allow you to skip and filter!

Through this post, I intend to give u a wake up call as a senior - you goal setting should start at school! Take it seriously or casually. This is up to your convenience. Internet allows you time and space. You can hide whenever you want to and you can surface as often as you want. Use the oppurtunity and shoot your first query. It can be on books, coaching, career or improving your skills. I will directly answer questions related to my profile.

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