Thursday, November 27, 2014

On turning 30!

O madness!

Have you pampered me or empowered me?
Poor, boy–friendless and away from kin’s affection – Impoverished!
I do not know what’s ahead, yet you –
You intoxicate me, seduce me and entice me totally.
Wish you could tell me – how would it end!

But then this is more exciting and adventurous.
If not now then when!

With half my life past, I look back and see -
Vow!I came this far...

Thanks to science, probably just as much more is left.
Hope not more,

Or I must fight for euthanasia right from now.
For my relatives at least might not get enough insurance benefits.
And in vain, I will be made to wait to embrace the eternal truth.

O for goodness, I must do something really good.
So that my soul thanks my body before it bids goodbye!