Friday, December 5, 2014

Where's the stairway ?

Sometimes, it's like walking towards God!
The path is full of light that fades everything else.
I see only me, happy, wearing some nice silky white gown.
I am only happy and it feels like magic.
I am ascending and so is some music.
I am sure I will meet the Super Creator.

I am sure over there, there is white ocean of knowledge.

Too much sensitiveness to the knowledge of my present -
Makes me grow sick.
In a moment the world looks so sick.
I see misery everywhere.
I see grief in every heart.
I see a highly idealist Budhdha filling simple people with hope.

Hope which just allows them to not commit suicide.
But spiritually mortals are already dead inside.
There's no spirit.
There's only a hope.
It's all about probability and we know nothing more.
At least not in my time.
I can know nothing more.

And it takes away the picture of bliss.
Probably that's just some impression of an English song...Stairway to Heaven!
It puts me back to my seat.
I take a heavy breath and attempt patience at the mystery called Life.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Last Name ...

In India, our last names carry the weight of history and connections bestowed to us by blood relations. Some even say that majority of voters do not cast a vote, rather vote for caste. Caste system in India as they say, is so complex that the greatest of socialists ever born like Karl Marx also had problems comprehending it. A few draw parallels globally too. Example, A few people in Germany took pride once in calling themselves Aryans .

Perhaps the same race, gave a king to India, after whom India got its Hindi name Bharat meaning ' the Cherished '. Mind me it was after his first name. Not after his last. Mahabharata, one of the greatest epics of all times to come records that he had nine sons and he chose none of them as his successor but Bhumanyu, an adopted one. For he believed in Public Service and saw none of his sons capable of delivering it. Today Bharat i.e India seem to have relegated a glorious past to oblivion.

Moreover, the same family tree further in the future claims the throne not by merit but by birth and leads to the great fall of the entire lineage in the battle of Kurukshetra. Probably Krishna, Vishnu's avatar conspired it. As the religious scriptures read Krishna's aim was to restore Dharma, duty on Earth. Interestingly, Chanakaya, the Indian Machiavelli found a king in Chandragupta who had a very humble origin. Both Bharat and Chandragupta were one of the greatest rulers ever born anywhere. Today, when you read the morning news and find that Rajasthan Government for promoting inter caste marriage started rewarding the couples monetarily, you read between the lines and see how people both old and young rushed to matrimonial alliance of convenience.

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