Friday, December 5, 2014

Where's the stairway ?

Sometimes, it's like walking towards God!
The path is full of light that fades everything else.
I see only me, happy, wearing some nice silky white gown.
I am only happy and it feels like magic.
I am ascending and so is some music.
I am sure I will meet the Super Creator.

I am sure over there, there is white ocean of knowledge.

Too much sensitiveness to the knowledge of my present -
Makes me grow sick.
In a moment the world looks so sick.
I see misery everywhere.
I see grief in every heart.
I see a highly idealist Budhdha filling simple people with hope.

Hope which just allows them to not commit suicide.
But spiritually mortals are already dead inside.
There's no spirit.
There's only a hope.
It's all about probability and we know nothing more.
At least not in my time.
I can know nothing more.

And it takes away the picture of bliss.
Probably that's just some impression of an English song...Stairway to Heaven!
It puts me back to my seat.
I take a heavy breath and attempt patience at the mystery called Life.

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